Who are we ?

Free ignorance place

“It needs to show them that I have nothing to teach them.”

(Sommaire des lecons publish M. Jacotot
sur les principes de l’enseignement universel, JS Van de Weyer)

In the Catalonia in witch CAPS and hospitals are closed, neighborhoods exchange neighbors for tourists and universities deny access to students because they can not afford them, this project comes clear rejection of these practices to discuss, learn, share and act against unjust reality.

We continue digging as clandestine ants, working in community for, even though speculators and governments trying it, the path of disobedience and the answer is never closure.

So we decided to release the building Pasatge Dos de Maig, 14-16, empty and unused for too long in the hands of Bankia and SAREB, to give it another way against speculation.

We occupy La Clandestina with the aim of developing a self manegem sociocultural project. We work on building a meeting place as a source of knowledge sharing and independent study, emancipated contemporary system “bureaucratic” learning. La Clandestina is defined as a Free Ignorance Place pretend to break with the concept of accumulated knowledge, advocated by some elites sustaining programs “universals” knowledge stunners. From this space we propose to extend the notion of knowledge and research, thinking that the theory comes to be practical, aiming at reconciliation between search, social learning and life. The place is versatile and can accommodate all kinds of proposals and activities: sports, workshops, lectures, debates, film screenings, music, visual arts and fine crafts, collective meetings, study hall, free store, etc.Let’s creativs!

We operate in open assembly, come and make your proposal! Or send us an email (eliclandestina@riseup.net).

There are no students or teachers. We are ignorant curious individuals, becoming community in a common space and conducive to an understanding of our environment to transform everyday.

If you sign up to participate, follow our program of activities:

Facebook – ELI La Clandestina

Twitter – @eliclandestina

Web – laclandestina.squat.net

“[…] The knowledge of the ignorant and ignorance of the teacher, to equalize, make the demonstration of the powers of intellectual equality. […] The work of the teacher is not ignorant provide a simple means by which the poor who have no time, no money, no knowledge, do the instruction of their children. Is the crucial experience that releases the true powers of reason where science does not pay more aid. What can an ignorant once, all you can always ignorant. Since there is no hierarchy in ignorance. “

(The Ignorant Schoolmaster, Jacques Rancière)